Structured Study Visit to Schools/Institutes & Training Seminar in Finland

This programme efficiently combines pedagogic visits to schools/institutes and structured training activities. That is why this programme is implemented during the academic term, when schools and institutes can show the vibrancy of their daily life and operation.

 Participants will enjoy opportunities to meet and interact with teachers, head teachers or principals, experts, advisors, etc.; to discover educational institutions in a variety of sectors (primary, secondary, vocational, adult lifelong learning, etc.); to experience a powerful and unique school culture; to observe innovative approaches to learning; to network and possibly form reliable partnerships leading to possible Key Action 2 projects, etc. This will support the European Dimension in Education within a sense of community. The training seminars will help participants to better enhance their learning in a friendly forum for discussion and exchange about education systems, the culture of the host country, and educational topics of general interest, through workshops and lectures. Also, the cultural study visits will enhance participants' experience by providing access to exploring significant landmarks of archaeological, geographical and historical interest.

 Although this activity should be included as a structured course in your application to Erasmus+, you should be aware of a rich job shadowing/observation element present in this programme: English Matters will select a number of educational institutions related to the participants’ profile and educational level so that they should benefit better from a wider selection of good teaching practices. This model has shown to be highly satisfactory for both the visiting teachers and the institutions visited. Everyone participating in this experience will receive maximum benefit from it.