#HappyToShareSafely: An Internet safety study

Prof.ssa Rebecchi e Prof.ssa Zanfrisco


project picture -> This project deals with Internet safety and more specific, recognizes and categorizes the threats in the Internet for students, points out the solutions and aims at developing educational application for computerized systems, such as smart phones or computers.

Teenager's school life around the world

Prof.ssa Rebecchi e Prof.ssa Zanfrisco


project picture -> The aim of the project is the teens to get know the school life of their peers in other countries. This can be achieved by: 1) presentation of their school (with video or presentation, or pictures) 2) questionnaire on issues about teens' worries (their future etc), which will be joint from students...

Culture is a challenge

Prof.ssa Scaglioni


project picture -> The project will be about the culture of Italy and Cyprus, as culture is really a challenge.Students will describe, present and explain what the culture of their country is. They will interact and write about the traditions, customs, history of their country, the most interesting monuments, their route from old...


Prof.ssa Scaglioni e Prof.ssa Olivieri


project picture -> Students will take part in the “Eurochallenge”, their role will be to collaborate and achieve missions about culture and art.